• City Commute Got You Down?

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Commuter Backpacks

Commuter Handbags


PóAR. Made for Commuters, by Commuters.

With PóAR, you no longer need to sacrifice convenience for style. Our high quality leather and cutting edge fashion technology give you the best of both worlds. It's like a briefcase, only prettier. Say goodbye to rummaging - say hello to PóAR.

The Commuter Handbag

The Commuter Backpack

Our sturdy leather supports your notebooks, computers and papers on the inside while our signature pockets line the outside for maximal convenience and uncompromising style!

Check out PóAR’s sale now! Use PROMO CODE Summer2021 for 20% off everything. Welcome back to the new and improved PóAR site, our Summer collection is available for you to explore!


"The most stylish and functional bags on the market.Truly worth the investment."

Melissa McCulley


"The construction of this bag and its craftsmanship is exceptional. Everything important is accessible to me and hidden to everyone else. I LOVE this bag!!!!"

Christina Marino


"No more missing your train while you dig to find your metro card! Everything is organized right at your fingertips. Stylish, secure, pretty and useful!"

Rebeca Greif


"Best bag in the world!!!Still my everyday work bag and it doesn't look worn or torn after 6 years!!"

Muntaj Bano Shaqui


"Good to see you growing your biz in the middle of the pandemic. Every time I wear my bag here in DC, someone asks for your insta page. Stay on your grind, Rosa!"

We see you!

Janine Gomez