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About the CEO

Rosa Aurora Oviedo Polanco is an Entrepreneur and a New York City commuter that desires to revolutionize the traveler experience. Rosa's daily commutes caused her to see traveling world in a different perspective. She focused her time and energy to create functional accessories. 

It all started in 2016 when Rosa came up with the idea of a fashionable security hand gloves for cell phone users, to safeguard one of the most important communication devices of today. “A Hand Gloves Mobile Smartphone Anti-Theft Anti -Drop Protector Device”. In the same year due to her needs introduced and launched her business bags. The PoAR multifunctional handbag is one of her favorite creations.The bag was crafted with a unique design and cutting-edge fashion intelligence with focus on the priorities of the daily traveler needs. Rosa has carefully selected a purpose for each compartment on the outside of the bag "while keeping in mind " not for you to open the bag to retrieve any of your daily essentials after leaving home such as your identification card,  travel pass, business cards, coins pocket, pens and space for your shoes. The concept behind the creation of the PoAR bag is for YOU to travel more comfortable and relax with the access for retrieving your daily essential easier and have them in organized compartment easier to retrieve at your fingertips! It is truly one of a kind!

Every product that PóAR releases is geared towards making life a little easier for you.

PóAR stands as Proud Original Authentic Rosa, as well as being the founder's initials.

Rosa Aurora Oviedo Polanco

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